Saturday, May 07, 2005

10.4 - Bug: Finder mulitple moves does not work.

When I am doing a move from one Volume to another (Firewire external drive), I cannot move other files from the same source directory. Have not tested this beyond this situation.

10.4 - Wanted: iCal in dock always updating date

iCal should have an option, on first startup, to keep running so the icon in the dock has the correct date.

Friday, May 06, 2005

10.4 - Return of OS9 Feature: Finder list view drag by name

This seemed flakey to me in in prior OSXes, I think it did work sometime or maybe I am wrong and it did not exist. Now I can drag by file names no problem.

10.4 - Return of OS9 Feature: Finder name change Undo

In prior OSX versions, if you or your kid changed the filename by accident you could not undo it. In OS9, if you accidently changed the name and where still in filename edit mode you could undo the name change.

Now OSX does one better, Tiger allows you to under the filename change after the filename edit has been completed.

10.4 - Missing OS9 Feature: File encryption

OSX Tiger is still missing a feature that OS9 had: file encryption.

Come on Apple, I do not want to encrypt my hole home directory. Fix file vault to allow me to specify folders to encrypt and allow me to do a per file encryption too.

10.4 - Feature: Dictionary Cool

  • Hit control-command-D over any text. Cool.
  • Hit control-command-D then hold control-command and let go of D, allows you hover over words and getting the look up on the fly.
  • Dictionary widget under Dashboard
  • Dictionary application, just type dictionary in spotlight.
  • Control click in applications to get "Look up in Dictionary". Strange does not work in Mail.